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The Power of Posture - SMB TV | Episode 2

In this second SMB TV episode of Secret Men’s Enlightenment, we will explore the Power of Posture and how good posture helps us to be steady and centered in the midst of our busy lives. In it, I teach a very simple yet potent practice called Tadasana, the “Mountain Pose,” a Hatha yoga posture that helps us to access stability and presence at any time.

EP2 - Show notes

Hatha Yoga: put simply, physical exercises or postures designed to still the mind and bring us into a state of presence or meditation.

Sushumna: According to kundalini yoga, the central channel in the spinal column that extends from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Tadasana: “Mountain Pose,” a hatha yoga posture where one stands steady, firm, and upright like a mountain.

Virabhadrasana: “Warrior Pose,” a hatha yoga posture to bring out our inner courage and strength.

Yoga Ssūtra of Patañjali: Compiled between 500 BCE and 400 CE (at least 4000 years old), the Yoga Sūtra is considered a foundational text of classical Indian yoga philosophy and practice. Spiritual enlightenment is a consciousness of the true nature of you, not an experience of any kind. In this episode, I discuss enlightenment to offer a springboard from which to leap, and to shake up any fixed mind-set about something that is literally inconceivable.


About Secret Men's Enlightenment

Grant is the host of the monthly segment Secret Men's Enlightenment on SMB (Secret Men's Business) - the weekly podcast from Australia for gay and bisexual men about maintaining positive mental health.

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