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What is enlightenment? SMB TV | Episode 1

Grant Shepherd is the host of a new monthly segment titled Secret Men's Enlightenment on SMB (Secret Men's Business) - the weekly podcast from Australia for gay and bisexual men about maintaining positive mental health.

EP1 - Show notes

Spiritual enlightenment is a consciousness of the true nature of you, not an experience of any kind. In this episode, I discuss enlightenment to offer a springboard from which to leap, and to shake up any fixed mind-set about something that is literally inconceivable.

Terms used in the episode

  • Âtman (Atman): broadly speaking, the inner Self of an individual according to Advaita Vedanta, an Indian philosophical school of thought.

  • Brahman: The ultimate Reality, the ground of the universe, the Absolute.

  • Dhārana (Dharana): A tantric centering technique that uses the mind to approach the Self.

  • Kashmir Shaivism: A nondual Indian philosophy that recognizes the entire universe as a manifestation of divine conscious energy.

  • Presence: A state of alert awareness that dwells in the present moment; a doorway into the enlightened state of Being.

“The Blind Men and the Elephant” is a famous Indian fable with many variations. It's essentially about differing viewpoints.


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