Conscious Pathways offers approaches to enlightenment via the power of your sexuality. It embraces tantra meditation, mindfulness, and sacred sexuality as effective avenues for personal development and spiritual transformation.

Although it may sound mystical, working with the power of your sexuality is one of the most natural and beneficial things you can do, and it will enhance all areas of your life. The teaching style I created works well for modern life by making lessons accessible, doable, and unpretentious; on the one hand, honoring ancient wisdom, and on the other, making this wisdom relevant to how you live here and now.

I started Conscious Pathways because I sensed a need among many people I met for new ways to deepen their understanding of sexuality: how it relates to their lives and their understanding of themselves.

My own journey started over two decades ago. Over the last twenty years, I lived in Australia, the USA, and India, mainly in spiritual communities dedicated to meditation and the enlightenment process. I received a Master of Studies in Religion from the University of Sydney in which I specialized in Kashmir Shaivism, an Indian Tantric philosophy of Consciousness that forms an integral part of Conscious Pathways.



B.A. (Bachelor Of Arts)
University of Auckland

Majoring in the Humanities in the areas of language and psychology.


M.A. (Master of Arts)
University of Sydney

Studies in Religion with a focus on Indian Tantric Philosophy and Kashmir Shaivism.


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