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Conscious Pathways offers you approaches to self-knowledge through meditation and tantra. Conscious Pathways embraces classical tantric meditation, conscious sexuality, embodiment work and ceremony as effective avenues for your personal development and spiritual transformation. Essentially, Conscious Pathways work is about unifying and integrating your spirituality and sexuality in an uplifting way and then enjoying the many benefits of this in your life here and now.


Although it may sound mystical, learning tantric meditation is one of the most natural and beneficial things you can do, and it will enhance all areas of your life. Tantric meditation acknowledges that the energy of meditation is sacred. This energy is called different things in different traditions: Kundalini Shakti, Holy Fire, Spirit, Atman, Wakantanka, to name a few. Essentially this energy is our true nature; it is who we are beyond the fleeting labels we give ourselves. In Conscious Pathways, we learn about this energy. We learn how to access this energy through meditation and/or disciplined tantric sexual practice. We learn how to connect with this energy and understand ourselves at a deep level. The teaching style I created  honors the traditions of Classical Tantra and Taoism, and it is specifically designed to work well for modern life: lessons are accessible, doable, and effective. On the one hand, the lessons honor ancient wisdom, and on the other, they make this wisdom available to you and relevant to your life here and now.

I founded Conscious Pathways because I saw the need in many people I met for new ways to deepen their understanding of themselves and how to meditate without necessarily pushing their sexuality and sexual energy away. Nowadays we tend to approach our sexuality from the viewpoint of shame and fear; unfortunately, mainstream society often reinforces this behavior with misinformation and double standards. But, think about this for a moment: if it wasn't for this wonderful, natural, joyful sexual energy, would any of us even exist? This beautiful energy has created the entire world! So, perhaps it would be wiser and kinder to try to understand this energy and work with it in a loving and respectful way that is beneficial and uplifts us all. The Conscious Sexuality practices are designed to do just that. Based on classical tantra, they are not Neo-Tantra or pop-tantra; they are authentic, powerful, and after 25 years of practice, I can attest to the fact that they definitely work!

My own journey with meditation and sacred sexuality started nearly three decades ago. For over twenty years, I lived in Australia, the USA, and India, mainly in spiritual communities dedicated to meditation and the enlightenment process. I received a Master of Studies in Religion from the University of Sydney in which I specialized in Kashmir Shaivism, an Indian Tantric philosophy of Consciousness that teaches active participation in the world while engaging in the enlightenment process; this approach is an integral part of the Conscious Pathways curriculum, and it is perfect for the modern, busy lives we lead now. There is no need to go to the mountaintop or forest; you can discover the happiness you seek right here and now, wherever you are. This is the work of Conscious Pathways. When we choose a conscious path, we live a life of joy.


Isn't it time to start on a Conscious Pathway? If you feel called to do so, I would be delighted to chat with you about it. As a gift to you, I offer a Discovery Call free of charge. Book a call, and let's talk about your goals and objectives and create together a pathway of learning and self-discovery that works for you and your life. 



B.A. (Bachelor Of Arts)
University of Auckland

Majoring in the Humanities in the areas of language and psychology.


M.A. (Master of Arts)
University of Sydney

Studies in Religion with a focus on Indian Tantric Philosophy and Kashmir Shaivism.

The Gift to Our Relationship

Testimonial from Ken & Greg, New York, USA

"Our work with Grant has been a greater gift to our relationship than we ever could have expected. The practices we’ve learned have brought us closer in so many ways. The demands of day-to-day life can be so intense. Grant’s exercises bring us home to the essence of our connection, again and again.

Through his coaching, we have a toolkit of simple daily practices that move us into a visceral experience of sacred love. And what could be better than that?


Grant's teaching is based on many years of solid deep and intensive meditation training. It’s the real deal. It’s not “pop tantra.” One of us has been meditating seriously for many decades, and the other is completely new to meditation. Amazingly, both of us feel equally at home with the practices he teaches. There is a sense of purity in his whole approach that inspires our trust.


We are so grateful for what he has given us. And equally excited about what we are yet to learn!"

Ken Page LCSW, Founder of Deeper Dating.

Greg Romer, Sr. Dir of Application Architecture at S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Couple Hugging

"In the matter of a few months, I’ve changed into a happy, virile, and potent man.

Testimonial from John, Melbourne, Australia

 "Most of us guys will find at times in their lives a waning interest in all things sexual,

resulting in erectile dysfunction and a decrease in overall wellbeing. My black period started after a life-changing illness, and after three and a half years I decided to do something about it. I didn’t want to trouble my doctor with more of my health issues, and viewed ED as a trivial matter; I couldn’t have been more wrong. I discovered Grant Shepherd completely by chance, a friend of a friend on Facebook. A brief look at his FB page sparked my interest: Meditation, Conscious Sexuality, and Intimacy Facilitator. 
I got in touch with Grant and this is the result: I very sheepishly told him of my problem and asked if he worked in this field of men’s sexual wellbeing, his reply was immediate and emphatically, yes. We arranged a one-hour, live Facebook Messenger consultation. Grant was professional, very friendly, and immediately put me at ease. We discussed my problem at length, and he explained to me from his perspective exactly what was going on and why it was happening. By the finish of that first meeting, I already felt lifted and relieved that I’d finally done something and made a new friend. 

My own approach to ED (that I’m sure will resonate with many men) was to watch a bit of porn and whack away at it hoping for a result. Since that first meeting, Grant Shepherd has introduced me to techniques and practices that have not only addressed my problem, but resulted in an overall improvement of my health and wellbeing. My initial feelings about Tantra were, to say the least, sceptical; that all changed within a few weeks. Grant has tailored a bespoke regime of sexual exercises for me, he has gently and thoughtfully taken me through these practices to ensure I get the very best results. We meet face-to-face weekly to discuss my progress and review my techniques. This is always friendly, informative, and above all, very professional. In the matter of a few months, I’ve changed from a depressed miserable soul into a happy, virile, and potent man. 
Grant has helped me immensely, he has re-introduced me to myself, taught me how to be kind to myself and to enjoy life as a man. He has become a friend and person that I feel very confident about sharing my most intimate details with, details that I’d perhaps find difficult discussing with my doctor or best friend. 
Any guys reading this short testimonial who may be suffering in silence and embarrassment, reach out, take that first step, get in touch, and say hello to Grant Shepherd.

I am certainly glad I did."

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