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Start Walking Your Own Conscious Pathway

Do you want to meditate? Does meditation interest you? Do you already meditate? Would you like to reap the benefits of regular meditation? How about conscious living? Tantric sexuality? Kundalini Energy Work? Full Body Orgasm or Whole Body Ecstasy Energy Work? Do these sound appealing to you? In my experience, these practices bring great happiness and transformation. Now, where to start?

#Meditation and #ConsciousSexuality, two things I am passionate about and committed to, lay at the heart of why I created #ConsciousPathways. Although now living in New Zealand, I mostly studied these subjects over 20 years, while living in Australia, America, and India. For the majority of my travels, I visited and lived in spiritual communities dedicated to yoga, meditation, conscious living, and the process of enlightenment. I completed a Masters degree on Studies in Religion at the University of Sydney in Australia. The focus of study for me was on #Kashmir Shaivism, a detailed and elegant Tantric Indian philosophy that states the true nature of who we are is #Consciousness. Kashmir Shaivism states that Consciousness is the basis of everything, including us, and that in order to truly understand ourselves, we simply have to recognize it. When we recognize our identity with Consciousness, we naturally step into a truly authentic and connected way of living that involves all of our being. This is the work of #consciouspathways. If this sounds like wonderful work to you, I warmly invite you on this journey.

Start Right Here

In this blog, I will share techniques I have studied and learned over the years which many, myself included, have found useful and doable. They are nonsectarian, straightforward, and free of dogma. They can be practiced by anybody. Although they have ancient roots, the techniques I use are simple and effective, which is important in the busy times we live. They actively engage the mind and body and expand awareness and joy. They bring many benefits to your life and world by connecting us to the Consciousness that is our true nature.

Like my Page on Facebook and set it to notify you when I post something new so you can try the practices I use for yourself. I will also post blog interviews, retreat updates, testimonials from practitioners, and more. Engagement, conversation, and healthy debate are welcome; they can be a powerful way for us to learn and share more about meditation, tantric energy work, and the enlightenment process.

If you would like to learn more about starting your own Conscious Pathway, I offer as a gift to you a complimentary 30 min session to discuss your goals, wishes, and aspirations. I look forward to hearing from you.


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