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Tantric Energy Work Learning Sessions

Learn Tantric Energy Work and Meditation to enhance your day and life

  • 1 hour
  • Online or in-person

Service Description

Conscious Pathways teaches Tantric Energy Work and Meditation aligned with Kashmir Shaivism, an Indian Tantric body of teachings that emphasizes the simplicity and naturalness of Tantric energy and meditation. Kashmir Shaivism shows ways to deeply understand yourself while living in the world and fulfilling your duty in it. Tantric energy work and meditation, although mystical, is also practical, doable, and completely compatible with modern life. In Tantric Energy Work and Meditation we explore both formal seated meditation and also techniques of energy work, concentration, and open-eyed meditation that can be practiced during the day to deepen our awareness and realization of our inner Self. Kashmir Shaivism offers us the opportunity to grow spiritually while remaining engaged in the worl