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Why I Teach Non Naked Tantric Work: Q and A. Answer 1.

Dear Friends,

In the lead up to the Sweat Lodge Conscious Sexuality retreat I am facilitating on March 18, I am getting some interesting questions.

Here’s a particularly insightful one: “As a Tantra teacher, why do you teach non-naked work in your retreats?

In my next few blog posts I will outline the 3 main reasons I do this:

Reason 1. Tantra is primarily about energy. In Classical Tantra, this energy is often called kundalini shakti. A serpentine energy coiled up 3 and a half times at the base of our spine, we rouse kundalini shakti through meditation and the technology of Tantra. For example, Tantra uses breath, sound, and movement to do this: these things put us in touch with this kundalini shakti energy inside ourselves, the energy of Tantra. These Tantric tools teach us how to recognize this energy. Once we do this, the energy itself becomes our teacher. This has been my experience during my years of practice.

When we become directly aware of the energy, it starts to take us to deeper levels of joy, intimacy, and fulfilment as we go further in our practice. Whether we are naked or clothed makes absolutely no difference to kundalini shakti. So, during the retreat you will learn how to recognize and actively work with this energy while clothed, then when you return home and choose to work with it naked, you will know how to do it. This delightful process is something I call “homeplay.” Forget “homework”, the homeplay process is actually fun!

So, there you have it. The first Q and A. Question two and three soon coming. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me for a conversation; I love what I do and I love to discuss it!

Yours in Shakti,



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