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What You Can Expect From Conscious Sexuality Work

Dear Friends,

Many times I am asked the question: "What benefits will I gain by learning Conscious Sexuality?" So, I will outline some of them for you. Here goes!

  • You will learn personally tailored Conscious Sexuality teachings and practices to help you unify your sexuality and spirituality.

  • You will learn conscious breathing and meditation practices to intensify and circulate your sexual energy and also decrease it when you feel the need to.

  • You will discover how to access your natural primal energy any time you wish.

  • You will learn powerful Tantric and Taoist practices to enhance potency and increase sexual intimacy.

  • You will learn how to cultivate your natural capacity for bliss and ecstatic sexual expression, which will enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

  • You will learn how to consciously work with and master your ejaculation, choosing whether/when to ejaculate to conserve your sexual energy for other creative purposes and/or spiritual practice.

  • Learn how to enhance your potency, whatever your age.

  • Learn how to transmute your sexual power into greater productivity in your career and life.

  • Discover how to be free of negative patterns of thought and action by becoming conscious of your emotions and your thinking habits.

  • Feel centred in your natural masculine power.

  • Find your natural masculine energy and resonance.

  • Find true confidence free from the expectations of others.

  • Learn how to deeply energetically unite with your partner.

  • Authentically own your sexual energy.

I truly love this work and have experienced great benefit in my life through Conscious Sexuality. If this resonates, get in touch, and let's discuss how you can get started on this beautiful journey.


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