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The Ecstasy Project episode 1: An Introduction to Queer Tantra and a Life of Bliss.

Dear Friends and Rainbow Tantrikas, it is a delight to share with you the first in a series of podcasts with my dear friend, Nick Kientsch, a fellow changemaker in gay spirituality and intimacy work. In this podcast we discuss the following:

Spirituality, shame and sacred sexuality: "Waking up is the only game in town: surrender and trust in the process."

An in-depth conversation about Tantra and Queer Sexuality.

The conversation glides between: two spirit heritage, whole body orgasm, transmuting sexual energy and finding ecstasy, the creative power of kundalini energy to bring you to Enlightenment.

Freeing yourself from old dysfunctional patterns by bringing up what is not known into conscious awareness.

The importance of meditation in Tantra to bring you into the moment, so that you can touch bliss through your senses: slowly breathing in the smell of a rose or freshly mown grass and enjoying the ecstasy of this present moment.

The joy of dance and finding ecstasy through Five Rhythms.

Living a life that actively unifies your spirituality and sexuality.


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