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Dharana: Hamsa, the Natural Mantra of the Breath

Dear Friends,

As discussed before, a dharana in Tantra uses the mind and the outer and inner senses to help us expand our awareness. Hamsa is considered to be one of the most powerful and efficient dharanas in the Tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. It is a natural breath mantra, a powerful meditation technique that you can practice with your eyes open or closed to expand your consciousness. Do the practice as follows:

Breathe in while mentally repeating the sound ham pronounced (“hum”), and breathe out while mentally repeating the sound sa. Keep the rhythm of the breath natural. Observe how the breath comes in with ham and goes out with sa.

Try staying aware of hamsa as much as you can throughout your day. Hamsa mantra gives clarity, peace, insight, and illumination, and it forms a steady foundation for your practice of Tantric Meditation and Conscious Sexuality.

When you are first starting your hamsa practice, try practicing in a calm and quiet environment. As you become more skilful in your practice, you will be able to practice in busier, noisier places. Hamsa is interior, meaning you can practice it anywhere. It is best not to do the hamsa dharana when driving, operating heavy machinery, or performing potentially risky tasks; for these things, your full attention to the task at hand is necessary.

The hamsa natural breath mantra may initially seem very simple to you, but it is definitely not devoid of power! Could you imagine what would happen if your breath ceased to come in and go out? Your breath has been with you, every moment, for your entire life. It is your closest companion, a pathway to inner mysteries.

May your practice of hamsa be truly rewarding.

Yours in Tantra,



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