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Is Your Spirituality Real?

Do you ever ask yourself if your spirituality is real?

One thing I have learned about my spiritual life is that it needs to be true, it needs to be authentic. It needs to be engaged. And it needs to be right here and now. A lot of the time what I have found is that spiritual people (and yes, I include myself in this) want to appear holy. And really what that is about is about the ego. It isn't necessarily about spiritual advancement. It isn't about spiritual growth. It's about "looking good." This is what the ego is about: the ego is about looking good. That's what the ego dance is. And the ego dance is something that we create. The ego is something we construct. We build it in order to make ourselves look different, be different, act different.

In this Western society, this is what is valued. If you look at the whole advertising culture, if you look at the whole idea of consumerism, if you look at the whole idea of constructing yourself through your career, constructing yourself through relationships, constructing yourself through all these different things that you possess, all that you wish to possess, all this is about building yourself up as someone unique, someone different.

Now, not that there is anything wrong with that; that's okay, that is totally fine, but what are you doing it in service for? What are you doing it in service to? This is a point that we might want to look at. What are we doing when we are interacting in this world? Are we going to become completely spiritual? Above it all, away from it all, completely holy? Or are we going to interact, to create? And if we create, are we going to do it in a way that is in service to the limited and ephemeral ego, or could we perhaps do it a different way?

Could we perhaps do it in a way-and I'm talking about creation here-could we create in a way that is actually holy in itself? Because what is holy? Holy is basically about bringing out of ourselves our holiness. And what is that? Our deepest essence, something that is completely beneficial for ourselves and for others. That brings goodness. That brings happiness. That brings joy. That brings fulfillment. Truly speaking, creation itself is an act of joy, creation itself is an act of love that comes from deep within us.

What if we could create from this space, rather than create from the space of being separate, creating from the space of being “Me, Me, Me,” creating from the space of “This is what I want,” and “This is what I will have.” What would it be like if we said, “What can I offer?” “What can I give?” ‘What can I do for you?” “What can I do for others?” “How can I serve humanity?” “How can I serve humankind?” “How can I offer my goodness to the goodness in this world?” “How can I make this world a better place?”

Do you see the difference here? It is creation for the love of it: we're creating for the joy of it, we are creating for the beauty of it. It's not just creating just for me: “I will have this all for me. ” If we create for selfish reasons, we may have all this temporary gain, we may have all these things, but why? If it's just for “me,” it is empty. There needs to be a deeper purpose if there is to be any lasting fulfillment in our creation. It needs to be true. And for our creation to be true, it must be an act of service. The joy of creation. True creation. And this can only come from true spirituality. The result? Quite simply: Happiness. True spirituality leads to the creation of happiness. For ourselves and for others. It is as simple and as complex as that. So, is your spirituality true?


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