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AI Tantra and a Human Response

A friend recently asked ChatGPT, “Create an outline of a Tantra sex encounter for two gay men”. What ensued was most interesting! The words and theory of the ChatGPT outline seem clear and are at times quite informative; however, there are understandably some major gaps in ChatGPT’s understanding of this ancient sexual/spiritual practice. I told my friend I would comment on ChatGPT’s outline from the perspective of an experienced Tantra teacher, so, here goes! My response/comments/suggestions below are in italics.

ChatGPT’s Outline of a Tantra Sex Encounter for Two Gay Men:

I. Setting the Mood and Establishing Connection

A. Create a comfortable and sacred space

B. Dim the lights, use candles, and play soft music

C. Begin with deep breathing exercises to relax and connect

D. Engage in eye gazing to establish a deeper connection

First and foremost, Tantra is about awareness of energy. Before beginning practice, you might like to make an intention for practice, which could include the following: How will you approach the shared tantric practice you are going to embark on together? What would you like to give? What would you like to receive? Additionally, you might like to ask yourself, “How will I make myself available to the energy of Tantra, the Shakti, during this tantra practice session”? This energy, the Shakti, is the essence of authentic Tantric practice; without it, your practice will be merely intelligent sounding words. How will you connect with the flow of this Shakti within yourself, within your partner, and the flow of the Shakti between both of you during your practice together?

II. Sensual Massage and Body Exploration

A. Take turns giving each other sensual massages

B. Use warm oils and slow, intentional touch

C. Explore each other's bodies, paying attention to erogenous zones

D. Encourage communication and feedback on sensations

Consent here is key. Be clear together during practice what works and what doesn’t work for you. Many gay men have experienced trauma through sex, so our hearts can be closed to connection and intimacy due to accumulated fear and hurt. Respectful shared consent and creating safe space together helps us move into trust so that we can gradually let our hearts open at a pace that is comfortable for us.

III. Connecting through Breath and Energy

A. Practice synchronized breathing to deepen connection

B. Use breath to circulate sexual energy throughout the body Yes but how?

C. Experiment with different breathing techniques like "Fire Breath" or "Circular Breath" Avoid. See below.

D. Maintain eye contact during the breathing exercises. Yes, but no need to be rigid about it. Sometimes you may need to break gaze when needed if things get a bit too intense. Tantra gets intense due to the heightened Shakti.

There are references to advanced techniques here. Tantra, in the wrong hands, can be dangerous. The Shakti is powerful. When working with advanced techniques like Fire Breath or Circular Breath, it is essential to consult with and work with an experienced teacher who has theoretical, practical, and experiential knowledge of these techniques. This will help you to avoid negative consequences. A good teacher will be able to transmit this knowledge in various ways in a safe manner and help you avoid any pitfalls. Authentic Tantric practice cannot be adequately learned from the pages of a book or a list of AI generated responses.

IV. Tantric Techniques for Arousal and Pleasure

A. Explore different tantric techniques like "edging" to prolong pleasure

B. Experiment with genital and non-genital touch, focusing on building anticipation

C. Utilize tantric positions such as the "Yab-Yum" for intimate connection Advanced technique here, in fact, a cornerstone of tantric sexual practice. It is very important to learn Yab-yum in person from an experienced teacher/practitioner.

D. Integrate mindfulness and presence in every touch and movement. This will not be possible all the time. When your attention wanders, bring yourself back to mindfulness and presence. This moving back and forth between presence and the mind wandering is an important part of practice that over time will teach us how to be deeply present with ourself and our practice partner.

V. Orgasm and Post-Orgasmic Connection

A. Allow the sexual energy to build and flow freely Yes but how? And how do we identify and build this energy?

B. If desired, reach orgasm simultaneously or individually Is there a desire to cultivate and build the sexual energy or to release it? What are the outcomes of both approaches? This is a very complex matter in Tantra and it depends on what you both want to achieve during your session together.

C. Maintain physical contact and continue breathing together afterward

D. Engage in post-orgasmic cuddling, sharing affirmations, and expressing gratitude

The above section sounds clear; however, the instructions are a bit mechanistic and gloss over major tantric truths, particularly the cultivation of sexual energy.

VI. Integration and Closure

A. Take time for gentle reintegration and grounding

B. Reflect on the experience and share any insights or emotions

C. Communicate openly about the encounter, expressing desires and boundaries. Desires and boundaries ideally should be communicated at the outset of your shared practice session and then throughout, with sensitivity and respect. Perhaps an expression of what the experience of shared Tantric practice was like for each of you would be more appropriate and useful here.

D. Show appreciation for each other and reaffirm the connection. Always. Appreciation of each other is a core principle of Tantra that needs to be in our awareness throughout the entire practice.


Remember, Tantra is a deeply personal and spiritual practice, and it is essential to prioritize consent, communication, and mutual respect throughout the entire experience. This outline serves as a general guide, and it's important to adapt and customize the encounter to fit your specific needs and desires.

Clear closing statement, although “adapt and customize” is a decidedly Westernized approach to an ancient Eastern spiritual practice of realization through sexual expression. It is important to approach Tantric practice not only with respect, but also with a sense of surrender to the mysterious process of Tantric sexual practice. For this and more, the guidance of an experienced teacher/practitioner is indispensable. Ideally, they will embody what they teach, they will walk the talk, know the scriptural and experiential basis of Tantra, and be able to guide you skilfully to the goal by helping you uncover the wisdom of your sexual energy, the Shakti that exists within you as your natural, joyful essence.


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