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The Many benefits of Conscious Sexuality

Today I’d like to share with you some of the benefits you can enjoy by learning Conscious Sexuality, a synthesis of Tantric and Taoist sexual practices that is practical, doable, and completely compatible with your daily life.


Hi everyone!

Would you like to view your body and sexuality in more meaningful and positive ways? How much do you honestly know about your body and your sexuality?

Let me put it this way: when you buy a new motor vehicle, it comes with a manual so you know how to effectively operate it and have the best experience. Now, have you received a manual for your human body? And no, it doesn’t matter whether you consider your body to be a scooter or a Porsche (if you’re like me, that designation is likely to change on a daily basis 😊) Ok, so back to the question: have you received a manual for your body and how to work with your sexuality? Such manuals exist in the philosophies of Tantra and Taoism; they teach you about your body and sexuality so you can embody wisdom.

Perhaps throughout your lifetime you have been approaching your sexuality like this: making it up as you go along. If so, you are not alone! This is incredibly common. It is something I have seen time and again in my teaching work, and making it all up was something I used to do before learning #ConsciousSexuality. When it was to do with sexuality, I winged it. As far as I can tell, this came down to one thing: my fear of authentic sexuality.

Every place I have lived, New Zealand, Australia, the US, India, there is fascination with sex and sexuality. We talk about it in hushed tones, sometimes at length, we joke about it, we judge others over it, we receive conflicting messages about it. The media tells us to be as sexy or as sexual as possible, they sell things to us by using sex, and yet sex is still somehow forbidden, taboo.

#Sexuality is the cause of much pleasure: joy, togetherness, relaxation, laughter, love, intimacy, and closeness. It is also the cause of disharmony: worry, frustration, dissatisfaction, jealousy, boredom, insecurity. What if there was a way to work with our sexuality that emphasizes the positive, transformative aspects, while teaching us how to accept, navigate, and work with the not-so-positive aspects? What if skillfully working with our sexuality could teach us how to accept ourselves and our sexual energy right where we are, right now?

This is where Conscious Sexuality comes in. Conscious Sexuality teaches us how to approach sex and sexuality with awareness and wisdom. It teaches us about our sexuality and body and how to be responsible for our own pleasure. Conscious Sexuality is respectful work. It is consent-based at all times. It will show you how to honour your sexuality as an integral part of your life. You will discover it is a powerful pathway to self-knowledge and growth.

Conscious Sexuality shows you how to appreciate and embrace the sexual part of your being. In fact, it teaches you how to celebrate it and not be held hostage to modern day sexual double standards. It teaches you how to skillfully work with your sexual energy to understand yourself more deeply, to love yourself with more authenticity and depth and let that love spread out to all parts of your life. I invite you to experience the benefits of Conscious Sexuality for yourself. If this resonates for you, reach out and let's talk. As a gift from me to you, you'll find a free Getting Started session on my bookings page. I look forward to hearing from you. All Good Wishes, Grant.

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